Pet Club is a new holiday village for pets, located in Raanana, under the supervision and management of Anat Naot - a qualified assistant veterinarian with many years of experience and knowledge, dedicated to the care of pets.

Pet Club includes a large, modern building containing spacious enclosures, with individual outdoor runs - each dog having his own bed, food and water receptacles, toys and other playthings.



A large, beautiful lawn provides them with opportunities to romp and play and to avail themselves of the companionship of other dogs. They will return home happy and relaxed, having had a good time and an enjoyable vacation.

For our cat friends, a special room has been prepared containing spacious individual enclosures, furnished with snug beds, a sand pit, scratching posts for sharpening their claws, food and water bowls, and a variety of toys to keep them happy and active in a big yard.



Pet Club provides high-quality dry food (of course, one may bring dry food from home), various snacks and treats, as well as a daily program of activities and fun for dogs.

Additional services available at extra charge:
Transportation, bath, training and day-care for dogs.
Before bringing your pet to the holiday village, you must have the following certificates:

• A current vaccination booklet: for a dog - rabies + DHLPP (six at home); for a cat - FeRVC
  (four in one/three in one).
• Vaccination against kennel cough - advisable to be administered 2 weeks before bringing
  the pet to the holiday village.
• Treatment against fleas.
• Preventative treatment against park work.